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Evangelical Christian churches, communities and missionary centers united through alliance in order to carry out the missionary vision of expansion and consolidation of the Kingdom of God in Brazil and the nations, because we understand that is not possible to fulfill the “Great Commission”, according to Matthew 28:19-20, is not a task for an isolated group, but the development of the missionary work to conquer the nations is only possible when WE WORK IN PARTNERSHIP, certain that we are not competitors but allies fighting against  the same enemy and in this struggle, we are under the command of one general, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The evangelical churches and communities participating in the Global Alliance will be divided in two categories: AFFILIATED CHURCHES and ASSOCIATE CHURCHES.


II – BENEFITS & PRIVILEGES – The churches and evangelical communities  participating in the ALLIANCE:

  1. Will have the spiritual and ministerial support from the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church [Igreja Evangélica Avivamento Bíblico], which was established in 1946 with the purpose of promoting spiritual revival in Brazil and in the world. EBRC is a well-structured church with a doctrine and principles based on the Scriptures, the Word of God, currently has over 1,000 congregations in Brazil, and has spread to 22 countries as well.
  2. Will have the support of a coordinating pastor who will be appointed by the General Director of Evangelism of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church to. work within a defined geographical region in order to promote integration and unity between participating area minsters and leaders and, when possible, to provide support in times of crisis and need.
  3. Pastors, missionaries and church leaders will be encouraged to participate in periodic regional and national encounters for training purposes and spiritual nourishment, and as well as to attend COMMAB (Biblical Revival Global Missionary Conference), butwhich is held every 4 years for the purpose of updating and expanding the missionary vision.
  4. Will enjoy the benefits of the entire educational system of SEAB – the Biblical Revival Seminary, which develops and provides training material for deacons, elders, and church leaders through its Ministry Capacitation Course (MCC) and a B.A. in Theology, an internet-based extension course with online classes.
  5. Will have Sunday school materials and periodicals available for all age groups through the Revival Bookstore, and as well as printed material in Portuguese to train the teachers. Revival Bookstore will also give permission to translate all materials into other languages upon request and demand.
  6. Will have access, by downloading the AVIVAMISSÕES App, to bible studies on discipleship, for the new converts, small groups, sermon outline, and a variety of materials in Portuguese and in several other languages provided by the churches involved in the Global Alliance.
  7. Will be able to obtain data collection and strategic planning in specific regions and areas, prepared by a distinct strategic planning commission.



a) Adapt to the Legal Statute and to the Ecclesiastical Constitution approved in the General Convention of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil. As affiliated churches, they must follow the same requirements for the branches of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil, except when it conflicts with the judicial, legal or cultural laws of those countries. Also, the affiliated churches will have a one-year transition period, following the signing of the Global Alliance agreement;

b) Follow the global strategic planning guidelines, goals and denominational vision as established by the General Council of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil;

c) Be accountable to the Evangelism and Mission Board by sending monthly financial and activity reports when requested;

d) Open a private or a governmental retirement account. Pastors of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil make a monthly payment to the INSS, the Brazilian social security funds (government sponsored); in addition, the churches also collect the pastor’s tithes and apply towards a retirement fund as a supplementary retirement income. Ministers who have joined through affiliation or ordination, according to the criteria of the Church’s constitution, even when living abroad, may become participants in this retirement fund;

e) Submit annual statistical data including, number of members, congregations, leaders, pastors, participants in the Sunday school, and as well as a physical inventory;

f) May participate in the General Convention of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil that is held every four years, with no right to vote in the plenary, but just in order to follow up the status of the latest activities and work, to be updated on the development of the church in Brazil and in the world, and to become integrated and acquainted with the possible constitutional changes that may occur.



a) This category of churches will be actively involved in the comprehensive missionary vision, which intends not to expand the denomination only, but the Kingdom of God;

b) May follow their own system of ecclesiastical administration, as the intended alliance will not imply in any legal or property bonds;

c) May maintain their original name or logo, provided that the “banner” or the sign indicating the participation in the Global Biblical Revival Alliance, is posted in a public place and visible to all;

d) In the future, based on interest, the church may be officially integrated as a branch of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil, according to the terms listed above, being able to enjoy the benefits of a solid structure, that offers stability to pastors and leaders, those benefits that other independent churches and communities hardly afford.



As mentioned above, even though we must respect the legal, the cultural, and the church leadership system peculiarities that have been established in each country, a minimum degree of unity is necessary in relation to the fundamental and biblical doctrines that we profess, such as the our dogmatic theology, missionary vision, etc. Therefore, we must establish the essential conditions required for an evangelical church or community to participate in the Global Alliance:

  1. Accept the spiritual and ministerial support of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil, as well as  its fundamental, biblical doctrine and ethical principles.
  2. Accept and support the guidance of the coordinating pastor who will be appointed by the General Director of Evangelism and Missions of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil, to work in a specific geographical area in order to promote integration and unity among the participating ministers and leaders. Whenever possible, cover the costs of transportation and accomodation of the coordinating pastor.
  3. Participate in the monthly contributions toward a missionary project in countries where there is a great need for the Gospel. For instance, the Biblical Revival Churches are committed to set aside one Sunday a month offerings to send to the missionaries who are part of the Global Biblical Revival Alliance. The biblical principle of sowing is very important; the churches that sow more will certainly harvest more. And it’s not just a harvest of financial prosperity, which is evidently guaranteed in the Word of God, but it’s a harvest of saving lives. All amounts collected will be allocated according to the General Director of Evangelism and Missions, that will manage and distribute the financial support to all missionaries in the Global Biblical Revival Alliance.
  4. Whenever possible, participate in the regional and national leadership encounters, in accordance to annual calendar approved by the Global Biblical Revival Alliance;
  5. Send a representative to COMMAB (Biblical Revival Global Missionary Conference), an event held every four year for pastors and leaders that aims at spiritual growth, ministerial training, revival and encouragement, developing strategies for the growth local church, and for the expansion of the Kingdom of God among the nations as well.
  6. Display in a visible place to all members of the congregation and community a banner or a poster containing the vision of the Global Alliance, which is: “Praying and working for a spiritual revival in your nation and in the world”.
  7. Maintain aligned with VISION and the MISSION of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church, which is marked as a church of POWER and the WORD. POWER, because we believe in the manifestation of the spiritual gifts through the anointing of the Holy Spirit; the  WORD of God, because we zeal for a balanced and essentially biblical doctrine, according to  the model of Antioch church in Acts 13:1, which was led by Prophets (POWER) and Teachers (WORD).
  8. Sign the Alliance agreement terms indicating that is an Associate or Affiliate church of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil, having the church or community leaders present as witnesses.



  1. Every church connected in the Global Biblical Revival Alliance must participate in the expansion of the Kingdom of God in their own country and in the world.
  2. Being a relevant church engaged in the community.
  3. A church with holistic growth, that is, in quantity and quality, consisted of spiritually, emotionally, morally, physically and socially transformed people.
  4. A church whose worship is characterized by a personal and collective devotional experience by the manifestation of the presence of God.
  5. A church that has a full relationship with God and all people.
  6. A church in which all members are aware of their God-given talents and gifts and use them in such a way that all needs are met and God’s purposes are reached on earth.


In order to accomplish its Vision, the Global Biblical Revival Alliance has established a Mission. While the Vision points to the future and describes what the church wishes to become, the Mission describes the continual activity and what the church needs to do in order to fulfill its Vision.


  1. To evangelize and disciple people,
  2. Healing them fully,
  3. Leading them to be true worshipers,
  4. Helping them to grow in fellowship with God and other believers,
  5. Equipping them to serve God and neighbors using their spiritual gifts,
  6. In order to glorify God.



The Evangelism and Mission Board of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church in Brazil will appoint sector leaders or supervisors to instruct, coordinate, and oversee the churches that participating in the alliance.



  • Everything that seems good to the Holy Spirit and us must be implemented and shared with the pastors and leaders in the alliance.
  • All actions must be guided by the fear of the Lord and the love to others, maintaining always an atmosphere of loyalty and ethical posture in the fraternal and organizational
  • All must act in a way that demonstrates a commitment to the Vision and Mission of the Global Biblical Revival Alliance.


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(Some items were copied from Chapter 1 of the church constitution of the EBRC)

Article 1 – The Evangelical Biblical Revival Church is a non-profit, religious institution, established on September 07, 1946, and whose first church was organized on August 16, 1946, in Jaçanã, São Paulo, Brazil.



Article 5 – The purposes of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church are: worship God in spirit and in truth, to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and lead people to obey the Word of God; lead our church members to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit and and to live  a sanctified life ; pray and work for a genuine spiritual revival in Brazil and in the world; promote Christian education and social action; manage well all assets through its competent organs, supervise all work done, both in the general and in the local church scopes.



Article 6 – The doctrines accepted as principles of faith of the Evangelical Biblical Revival Church, are based on the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments that contain all that is necessary for the salvation and sanctification of the believers.

Article 7 – The Evangelical Biblical Revival Church fundamentally believes and preaches:

I – there is one living and true God, eternal, of infinite power, wisdom and goodness, creator and sustainer of all things, visible and invisible; in the unity of his divinity, there are three persons of one substance, eternally existing and of equal holiness, justice, wisdom, power and dignity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit;

II – The Son, who is the Word of the Father, took the human nature in the womb of the blessed Virgin Mary, thus bringing together two complete and perfect natures: divine and human that can’t to be divided, to be known as Christ, true God and true man, who suffered, was crucified, died and was buried in order to reconcile us with the Father and make an atonement, not only for our sins,  but also for the original sin;

III – Christ has truly resurrected from the dead taking his body once again with all those things pertaining to the perfection of the human nature, ascended to heaven and sat down at the right hand of the Father, from whence He will return to judge the living and the dead;

IV – the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, is of the same substance, majesty and glory as the Father and the Son, true and eternal God;

V – the Bible is the word of God, written by divinely inspired men, God being its true author;

VI – Jesus Christ shed his blood for the remission of sins ad the regeneration of the repentant sinners;

VII – Justification is by faith alone;

VIII – The sanctification of the believer is an instantaneous and progressive work of the Holy Spirit, by faith in the free grace of God, through which our whole man is renewed according to the image of God, by which we die to sin and live for justice.

IX – The baptism of the Holy Spirit is an experience that may be obtained by an appropriating act of faith on part of the believer; an initial evidence can be speaking in tongues or prophesying, as the Spirit bestows;

X – Divine healing and miracles are also for the present days as integral aspects of the atoning work of Christ;

XI – The biblical baptism is by immersion in water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, not as means of salvation, but as an integral part of the same;

XII – The spiritual gifts are for the Church of the present days as they were for the primitive Church, according to I Corinthians 12; Romans 12:6-8 and Ephesians 4:11-12.

XIII – The Lord supper is a spiritual celebration in which the believers, by taking the sacred bread and wine, celebrate together the death of Christ and perpetuate the meaning of his death until He returns;

XIV – God’s plan for supporting his work is through tithes and offerings. The law of tithing predates the mosaic law, in which it was carried out and demanded; it remains as a new-testamentary principle;

XV – The Church of Christ is an assembly of baptized believers, connected by faith and in the fellowship of the Gospel, observing the ordinances of Christ, governed by his laws, and exercising gifts and privileges conceded to them by his will and grace;

XVI – The second coming of Christ will be unpredictable, personal and pre-millennial;

XVII – There will be a great tribulation;

XVIII – There will be a judgment before the white throne, there will be blessings for the saints and endless punishment for the unrighteous.



Article 17 – The Evangelical Biblical Revival Church declares, overall, that:

  • 1 – The Biblical Revival is an evangelical denomination of divine inspiration, based on the Holy Bible, and is intended to pray and work for spiritual revival in Brazil and in the world.
  • 2 – Its motto is: “Holiness to the Lord – Pray without ceasing”.
  • 3 – It is led by the following ethical principle: Walk in peace with everyone and sanctification , without which no one will see the Lord (Hb. 12:14).
  • 4 – Understands that genuine REVIVAL, is the work of God within the methods and conditions established by him in his Word, through which believers take possession of the riches of his grace (the fullness of spiritual blessings), which results in a powerful evangelization.
  • 5 – Believes in the following: in a Revival, man is led to a complete separation from the world and sin; consecrated themselves completely to God and begin reflecting te character of Christ in his true love and sanctification.
  • 6 –Being non-sectarian, it does not accept or rejects any belief, idea or organization, as a whole, but will analyze separately each attitude, idea and purpose of other churches, confronting them with biblical doctrine and concepts.
  • 7 – The Evangelical Biblical Revival Church instructs its members to:

I – devote themselves carefully to the study of the Bible and to prayer, in order to obtain a deep experience with Christ in their lives, which will truly be a personal experience of revival;

II – persevere in prayer for revival in their place of residence;

III – distinguish themselves by living a life of power and holiness and in this way, and through this strength, acting in the environment where they live and work;

IV – remain united by the fellowship in Christ e by the spiritual revival;

V – live in obedience to the teaching of the Bible, maintaining a deep loyalty to Christ.


Article 18 – The Evangelical Biblical Revival Church recognizes that the civil government, in itself, is instituted by God for the purpose of establishing and controlling the social order, and whose laws and ordinances must be observed.

Article 19 – The Evangelical Biblical Revival Church will not formalize any stance, for or against, in relation to any regime, system or political party.

Article 22 – The principles of faith, general customs, administrative laws and guidelines regarding church rites are included in a book called: THE CONSTITUTION OF THE EVANGELICAL BIBLICAL REVIVAL CHURCH.


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